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“Daisy is darling, Iris is sweet
Lily is lovely, Blossom’s a treat
Of all the sweethearts – a guy could meet
Well I finally chose an American beauty rose

“Camelia’s tragic, she can’t be mine
Magnolia’s magic, it makes Maggie shine
Laurel will hug you, Orchid’s divine
Still I finally chose an American beauty rose

“She’s clingier than Ivy, and she’s zingier than black-eyed Susan
And springier than Mabel in June
I’m daffy as a daffodil, it’s laughable the way I thrill
When roses are in bloom

“Pansy is pretty, Willow is tall
Violet’s kisses, tulips (two lips) recall (Violet’s kiss is Tulip’s recall)
How can I choose one, I love ’em all
Still I finally chose an American beauty rose”

American Beauty Rose” by Frank Sinatra


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  1. Your photos are phenomenal!!!
    I’m not much of a photographer, so I don’t do selfies and I don’t have many pics of people… But I do pull my camera on my phone to capture flowers! I really love flowers, and I really appreciate this blog. The pics, the quotes, it’s, just, awesome!

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